From policy analysis to policy formulation and policy implementation: the perspective of the National Education Council, Thailand

Sanghirun, Uraiwan
IIEP Occasional Papers, 71
26 p.

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This paper attempts to concentrate on the role of policy analysis as a tool leading to decision-making on various alternative policies. It raises questions in order to clarify the issues relating to the Thailand National Education Council's activities regarding policy analysis, which is linked both to policy formulation and policy implementation, the two domains of NEC's responsability. The paper puts particular emphasis on the supply of necessary information to the decision-maker. As the NEC deals with educational research, monitoring and evaluation, and analysis of the educational conditions and related factors in the policy making process it is recommended that the skills for doing policy analysis be vested in NEC staff. The use of techniques in each specific activity is considered as important as the use of analytical skills to carry out policy analysis. Moreover, concern for the political, social, economic and cultural environment is to be taken into consideration.