Two IIEP courses now QM certified!

05 March 2018

Two IIEP online courses have received endorsement from Quality Matters, an internationally recognized peer review process designed to certify the quality of online training and promote continuous improvement.

The two courses now QM certified are ‘Quantitative methods in monitoring and evaluating the education sector response to HIV and AIDS’ and ‘Monitoring and Evaluating Gender Equality in Education.’ This year, a variation of the first course - ‘Quantitative methods in monitoring and evaluating the delivery of comprehensive HIV and sexuality education’ – will be offered in March-May 2018 in English and in French from May-July.

This certification is an important marker for quality in the online learning world. It means the two courses successfully met QM Rubric Standards for Course Design through an Official Course Review

In 2016, the online course ‘Transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption measures in education’ also received endorsement from Quality Matters.

Developing capacities through e-Learning

IIEP’s Virtual Campus aims to develop the capacities of UNESCO Member States to better plan and manage their education systems through distance training programmes, courses, and e-Forums.

The Virtual Campus provides distance training to decision-makers, managers, and practitioners working in the education sector to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of educational planning and management.

Based on a practice-oriented and interactive approach, IIEP training draws on over 50 years of experience.

The flexibility of its offer and the use of innovative technology allow participants to benefit from intensive training while remaining in their professional settings and fulfilling their daily responsibilities.

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QM certificate for our course on monitoring education's response to HIV and AIDS:


QM certificate for our course on monitoring gender equality in education: