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Economics, statistics, budgeting and finance, simulation models and costing of strategic plans, national education accounts, and costs and financing in education
Communities of practice, South-South Cooperation, Triangular Technical Cooperation, ICT policies in education, Specialist in educational technology and e-learning
Deputy Head of Office IIEP Dakar, educational economics, capacity development, monitoring and evaluation, forecasting and simulation models, public aid to education, teacher management, early childhood
Micro-planning and school mapping, Education statistics, EMIS, Projections and simulation models, Geospatial data in educational planning
Education in emergencies and forced displacement, teachers and teacher education, ethics and corruption, transparency and accountability
Monitoring and evaluation, Education management information systems, Indicators, HIV and AIDS, Quality education.
Candy Lugaz
Decentralization policies, cities, local actors, School grants, Strategies to improve education quality, School supervision, School feeding